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Welding Shield SR 590

Product number: 40641
The Sundström SR 590 welding shield is used together with the Sundström SR 500 battery-powered fan unit and is designed for protecting the user against inhaling harmful and irritating air pollutants and against radiation and weld splatter during arc welding, MIG-, MAG-, and TIG welding, and plasma cutting. When the welding lens flap is raised, the shield can also be used for protection during grinding and slagging. The SR 590 is supplied with a welding lens with shade number 10. Three types of automatic darkening welding filters (ADF) are available. The comfortable head harness is fully adjustable and is equipped with spring hooks for mounting of ear muffs. Accessories available, including automatic welding lenses, corrective lenses, neck protection, welding hood and hose protection. TH3 approved

281,25 SEK

ex-vat: 225,00 SEK